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Make digital insurance work for your business

Easily embed insurance into your buyer journey to increase revenue, retention and customer value.

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Swifter makes it easy for any business to offer insurance products to complement their offering, with no in-depth development work, risk or repositioning.

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Integrated sales tools

Start selling right away with easy integration through our open API. Swifter helps you source the information you need, match it to policies and manage your customer journeys out of the box.

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In-built expertise

Our automated systems guide, advise and connect your customers to the right deal, so your team can focus on delivering your ideal service and customer experience.

Retain and grow your customer base

Easily manage and grow your customer base through our centralized data platform to offer long-term value to your users and upsell the right products at the right time.

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Embed digital value in your business

Talk to our team to add peace of mind to your sales process today.

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