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Front-end distribution journeys embedded anywhere in 6 weeks

Elevate your distribution strategies with the complementary power of to your core system.




Easley integrate with any API


Drag & Drop




and Life

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Seamless Distribution Integration’s advanced journey composer effortlessly extends to your core system, enhancing digital distribution without disruption.

Simply drag and drop to create your Quote and Bind front-end experience, then publish and embed your journey anywhere across agent portals, distribution partners, direct to consumer websites, and beyond.

You can control the journey and make changes at any time, all with continuous integration to your core system.


Key Strengths

Accelerate Your Time to Market empowers carriers, brokers, and MGAs to expand their reach with agility and efficiency, enabling you to bring your offerings to market faster.

Embedded 'Quote and Bind'

Our drag & drop front end Journey Composer simplifies user journey customization and branding, scaling seamlessly across any distribution channel. 

Device Agnostic Access ensures uninterrupted accessibility across web, mobile, and native apps.

Cost Effective Innovation allows you to affordably and swiftly explore new distribution avenues, minimizing risk while maximizing growth and partnership opportunities.

Tailored Flexibility for any Product Line

Every experience is highly customizable and branded. Our platform is designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of Personal and Commercial P&C, Life & Annutieies. 

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Distribution & Beyond

Bridging Your Digital Gap

Swifter streamlines the entire digital insurance lifecycle, from distribution to servicing and engagement.

Streamlined Data Intake:

Simplify complex Quote and Bind processes, including AI-powered automated data intake.

Efficiency Enhancement:

Improve efficiency for agents and consumers with tested flows.

Multi-Channel Support:

Facilitate a seamless, multi-channel experience with white label flexibility for diverse distribution channels.


Empower agents and consumers with self-service capabilities.

About Us


Built on

The platform is designed based on a profound industry understanding, making it exceptionally effective.


A Funding

Secured a Series A funding in January 2022, led by Tech Mahindra, underscoring our financial stability and growth potential.



Designed for international scalability, we cater to diverse product lines in both personal and commercial P&C. Leveraging our European roots, we're expanding to the US and South East Asia.


Built on over two decades of digital enablement experience, stands as a testament to engineering excellence.

Get in touch with our team to find out what a swifter approach to insurance could do for you.

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